Meet the Team

Our Stories In Vivid Color is an initiative of Breakthrough U.S., a culture change organization that harnesses media and popular culture to spark conversations and transformation at the intersection of gender, sexuality, racial justice, and immigrant rights. Together with our partners — activists, artists, mediamakers and more — we uplift the voices and experiences of marginalized people, challenging systemic barriers and building their cultural power. 

At the center of our work are the voices, ideas, and dreams of BIPOC women, girls, and LGBTQ+ people. Our creative team is staffed by young artists committed to social justice, including young people of color and people across a spectrum of gender identities and expressions. Behind the camera and in front, we are committed to growing the cultural influence of people whose stories have too often been diminished, ignored, and erased. And we do so in a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and joy.


At the helm of our team is Moni Vargas (she/her), an Emmy- nominated filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. A queer, Latina, Afro-Mestiza immigrant from Colombia, Moni is passionate about immigrant and women’s rights, and supporting the leadership and artistic productions of BIPOC youth.


Join us as we grow the Our Stories initiative, and share your stories with the world!