Girls and gender nonconforming youth of color are transforming our culture every day. They are poet laureates, fashion trendsetters, gender norm breakers, viral video creators, water warriors, and so much more. In short, they are among the most inspired and inspiring architects of the future — and of the social movements making that future safer, happier, and healthier for all. Yet BIPOC youth, especially girls, are chronically mis- and underrepresented in film and other mainstream media. More often than not, they are stereotyped, their richly layered identities flattened and diminished. And they are not taken seriously as agents of change. 

Our Stories In Vivid Color will change that. It puts the voices, dreams, and creative expressions of BIPOC youth center stage. From Charlie, a Diné scholar and TikTok creator who challenges settler colonialism and the gender binary, to Eutalia, a visual artist whose vivid tableaus honor her Filipina heritage, Our Stories explores the worlds of BIPOC girls and gender nonconforming youth like few projects have before.


With your help, we can bring it to the world. Since the fall of 2019, our team, led by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Moni Vargas, has  filmed and edited a short documentary film series. We persevered through the pandemic, taking our production to virtual platforms like Zoom, and challenged ourselves to be as creative as possible on a limited budget. We’ve produced 9 beautiful, thought-provoking episodes (with more on the way!). And we can’t wait to share them with audiences across the U.S. 

But we need your help to cross the finish line. We’ve secured funding for much of this project, but our ability to break through the noise and really let these stories shine will depend on additional support. From music licensing to impact production to promotion, the anticipated finishing costs are anywhere between $20,000 and $60,000. Help us reach our goal by donating to our tax-deductible GoFundMe campaign.

Together, we can amplify these amazing changemakers and inspire a whole new way of seeing, hearing, and imagining a generation of BIPOC girls. 

Join the movement. Bring Our Stories to life!






Eutalia (she/ her), 23, is an artist and illustrator based in New Jersey. Eutalia’s work emphasizes her background as a Filipina American and the bridge between the two cultures.


Charlie (they/ them), 24, is a Diné (Navajo) scholar born and raised within the central part of the Navajo Nation. Charlie reflects, analyzes, and critiques what it means to be queer, trans, and Diné in the 21st century on their personal blog, dineaesthetics.com.


Tomiko (she/ her), 15, is a dancer, activist, and community leader. She has been dancing since the age of 6 with the non profit organization Culture Shock L.A., and founded her own club, “Girls Can Create,” at Eagle Rock High School, which inspires young women to express themselves through art, activism and entrepreneurship.


Ta’Lor (they/ them), 20, is an actor, model, writer, and artist living in New York City. Ta’Lor’s finds community by surrounding themself with other queer people of color, and finds joy in providing a safe space for folks to express themselves. 


Kailey (she/ her), 17, is a Dominican-American woman living in Queens, New York. Kailey, who is passionate about family, community, and diverse media representation, reflects on her experience growing up as a person of color navigating two cultures.


Cheyenne (she/her), 24, is a Latina woman model, actress, writer, student, and disability rights advocate. As a wheelchair user, she has competed in the Jr. Paralympics in track for 12 years and has a passion for media representation. 


Summer (she/her), 24, is a multi-racial singer, songwriter and actor of Armenian, Jewish & Japanese descent. After moving from Hawaii to attend university, the racial makeup of her school caused her to examine race more critically. 

Diana Castro (she/they),  21,  is a young, queer, artist, actor, and performer of color living in Los Angeles, California. Diana uses art to explore their identity as a double-immigrant, and connect with their family’s heritage and culture. 


Vladonna Rose (she/her), 19, is an actress, model, and proud trans woman from Los Angeles, California. Vladonna shares her experience coming out as a young trans woman, and also stresses the importance of being involved in your community.